Review: The Gravity Between Us – Kristen Zimmer

Synopsis: The Gravity Between Us follows the story of Kendall and Payton, childhood best friends who have kept their relationship intact despite tribulations imposed by Kendall’s hectic life as Hollywood’s newest favorite face.

When Payton finally confesses her deepest secret to Kendall—she’s a lesbian—the dynamics of their bond begins changing in even more ways. Payton, who sees herself as an ordinary music student in comparison to the near-blinding brightness of her best friend, doesn’t mention that she’s also been in love with Kendall for years. Kendall, on the other hand, is determined for things to stay the same between them.

Thoughts: What originally started as a short read to get me caught up on my yearly reading goal ended up being more of an emotional ride than I bargained for, especially since I’ve never been a fan of the ‘one half is out of the closet, the other half doesn’t realize their sexuality’ trope. It played out realistically, and most importantly in a story driven by its two protagonists, I was able to get in their heads. I found myself stopping to reread sections to fully drink in the impact, and loved how Zimmer used the alternating narratives between Kendall and Payton to cut up the story in ways that added just the right amount of tension. Both of the leads developed over the course of the story, and it was impossible not to sympathize with both of their perspectives. The supporting characters each had their own individual voices as well, and were present in just the right amounts to drive the plot along.

Verdict: 8/10. Relatable characters, predictable plot, but well written and believable.